09 Oct

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During our Innovation Workshops around the Province, I had the opportunity to speak to many passionate people whose main interest is fostering economic growth in their regions.  One powerful message that was repeatedly discussed was the lack of an entrepreneurial culture in most parts of the Province.  The rate of entrepreneurship is directly linked to innovation and economic growth.  The chapter on Entrepreneurship in the text book I use for Business 1000 refers to entrepreneurs as “Economic Rocket Fuel”.  I love that description!  The Navigate Entrepreneurship Centre at Grenfell is mandated to help promote an entrepreneurial culture in the Corner Brook area.  Just last week, Navigate released four videos intended to increase awareness and create positive attitudes towards entrepreneurship as a career choice.  Please view them and let me know what you think!  They can be found at:

Entrepreneurs of Western Newfoundland Part 1
Entrepreneurs of Western Newfoundland Part 2
Entrepreneurs of Western Newfoundland – Adam Anderson of Resource Innovations
Entrepreneurs of Western Newfoundland – Jamie-Lee Cormier JL Gallery